Signs that it is time to replace your old central heating system.

To decrease energy bills it is important to have an efficient boiler in your home and there are some signs which may help you to decide that your heating system is on its way out. Let’s take a look at some common problems:-

Very loud noises:– Certain noises in your heating system are normal but if there is loud banging, knocking, creaking sound coming from your hot water system then there might be something wrong. A simple repair will help you solve the problem but if the problem reoccurs then it’s time to upgrade to brand new heating system. It will also save you money for the long run.

Extreme temperature fluctuation:– If the temperature of your heating system is fluctuating within a few minutes from cold / hot to freezing / boiling then might be a problem. A heating system in good condition should heat quickly and evenly.

Dirty Looking Water:- This can be caused by corrosion within the heating tank or due to leaks in the pipes. High temperatures can accelerate the corrosive action of the minerals and produce rust in the water supply. When It reaches the top of the tank that could be a sign that your central heating is running inefficiently.

Age of Central heating system:- Check the age of your boiler. Most good boilers provide good central heating for 10-15 years with good maintenance. However, it is always worth getting its efficiency tested in case a new system makes more practical sense.

Check the pilot light:- Check the colour of pilot light. If it is strong blue then everything is good, a yellow light means your heating system probably needs servicing.

Finally – never undertake any repairs, servicing or maintenance yourself, always use a fully qualified plumber / engineer.