Boiler types and what our team recommends?

Whether it is a boiler repair or installation service that you need we offer a high standard of work across the region, and are available to private and commercial sectors. This blog highlights boiler choices and their benefits:

Combination Boilers:

When one doesn’t have enough space in their home, they can opt for combination boilers because these are an ingenious space saving idea and don’t need any additional hot water cylinders. They use water from the mains supply only and are energy efficient. Since the supply is directly through the mains you have enough pressure, thus eliminating the need of an external pump. In the UK their demand is on the rise and over 50% of the needs in the domestic areas has been fulfilled through Combi account.

Conventional Boilers

These are also known as regular boilers which heat the central heating system and produce the hot water in the cylinder. Because they need the cylinder to store the water they require some extra space. The benefits of these types of boiler are that they are perfect for home or business where one needs to cover multiple bathrooms. With this type of boiler, one gets a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank as well. Where one has a more traditional radiator system (generally in older properties), these types of boiler suit best.

System Boilers

This needs direct installation because it has a main heating component. It requires a hot water storage cylinder but does not require any storage tanks. These can also supply the hot water to all the taps in your home which makes it useful for busy households and are also economical to run.

What our team recommends?

The team of A1 Gas Force Solihull has been working with the top UK manufacturer for many years and have satisfied the needs of many homeowners in the region. Whenever customers ask us for a recommendation we listen to your needs and make suggestions based on those needs. Our advice is both free and impartial so why not give us a call to discuss your options.