Six essential elements of kitchen design

The hub of any household is undoubtedly the kitchen, where we cook, chat, and create cherished moments. Unsurprisingly, a significant amount of consideration goes into crafting the ideal kitchen space. The process and eventual kitchen installation can be daunting, given the many choices available. However, to aid you in your renovation, here are six key features to include in your design plans.

Practical storage

Selecting the right cabinets is imperative, but the contents they house are just as significant. The effectiveness of your kitchen design hinges on your storage choices. When preparing meals, functionality takes priority over aesthetics. Thus, pull-outs, rollouts, and swingouts are vital in sorting and enabling quick access to your kitchen essentials. To identify the proper storage for your kitchen installation, compile a comprehensive list of all the utensils, dishes, small appliances, and pantry items.

Multi-Purpose Sink

Given the high activity level around sinks in kitchens, it’s worthwhile to invest additional thought into its design and component selection. Various kitchen designs provide workstations, incorporating extra features such as strainers, cutting boards, and prep bowls to create a multi-purpose sink.

Lighting options

Kitchens necessitate different lighting systems for various activities. Tasks such as cooking, dishwashing, conversing with friends, doing homework, and exhibiting collectables demand unique light sources. Contemplate incorporating recessed ceiling lights to provide atmospheric lighting, spotlights to enhance critical workspaces such as the range and sink, pendant lights to brighten up an island or peninsula, and how windows permit natural light to filter in during the daytime.

The kitchen island

It’s challenging to overlook the transformational effect of the kitchen island on kitchen design in recent times. The advantages of incorporating a kitchen island are evident; it offers additional countertops and storage while providing a setting for various activities such as conversations, homework, and meals. Additionally, it can accommodate a cooktop, a prep sink, or a dishwasher, and it often serves as a focal point.

High-performing cooking devices

Cooking is the primary function of all kitchens, with the range comprising the cooktop and oven – as the most crucial element for preparing meals. Considering how frequently the range is utilised and its impact on meal quality and cooking convenience, it’s recommended to prioritise quality when selecting a range and other cooking appliances.

Customised exhaust fan

The exhaust fan eliminates cooking steam, grease, and odours from the kitchen atmosphere. It is situated just above eye level and plays a crucial role in the kitchen’s appearance. The exhaust fan is an opportunity to construct an elegant visual focal point, often by customising the appliance.

Take time to get it right

Designing a beautiful and functional kitchen requires careful consideration of many elements. By incorporating these six features into your kitchen design, you’ll have a space that makes you happy. So, whether you’re planning a full-scale kitchen installation or just looking to update a few elements, remember these must-have features to create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact our team if you feel inspired to take the plunge for a new kitchen installation. We can provide a free quotation and excellent service throughout the process.